Sony recently announced that they've hired MOFILM—a community that holds regular contests meant to "inspire" filmmakers—to crowdsource their advertisement efforts. Which is great! Because MOFILM's Barcelona 2013 contest churned out some really dramatic films.

Here are the winners. Here's what the winners got.

You can check out one of the first place winners up top. I couldn't embed the other first place winner, which is unfortunate because I like it more, but you can watch it here.


These films are intensely narrated, feature some strong music, and they give me goosebumps. They are the kind of films brands should be running as their commercials. I don't care how obscure they might be for a general audience. They're cool, shhh.

Here's Third place:



And I couldn't find an embeddable video for the Fifth, but you can watch it here.

Now, I'm not entirely sure if these videos will become the commercials, or whether Sony was simply using the contest as a way to look for filmmakers to enlist in, but I've reached out to Sony to ask and will update should they reply. And based on the timing, it seems like they'd be best suited for the upcoming PlayStation 4, no?


Mofilm via Reddit

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