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That Advanced AI In Call of Duty: Ghosts Sure Looks Dated

Peculiarly, one of the things that was highlighted during the Call of Duty: Ghosts presentation last week was fish AI that moves out of the way when you get close. And as SUPERMARIOGALAXY13 highlights here, fish doing that is not exactly a new innovation—or hell, even an exciting one. It's nearly 20 years old!


I'm pretty sure Super Mario 64 isn't the only game to have done this in the past either, although I'm blanking on more at current. What I do know is that unlike these fish, at least Call of Duty Dog is rad.


"Next gen technology" [SUPERMARIOGALAXY13]

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Not just this. The three new additions to the movement as well. in Battlefield 3 in Far Cry 3 in Dishonored.

And those are the most recent games that popped straight into my head, i'm sure there's games even earlier than that that have these features. And their was a guy on screen trying to tell us how amazing it was...if that's the best you can do in your first reveal videos you have problems...