Thanks Homebrew, For the Adult Nintendo DS Games

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Your parents die. But your fate changes when a millionaire adopts you, and you move into her mansion with her and her daughters. Then...yeah.

That's the basic plot for retro adult title Fatal Relations, which is finally getting a homebrew DS port from Digital Satin Productions. This, of course, is hardly the first homebrew adult game for the Nintendo DS — and it won't be the last!

Featuring dialogue like "Make love to me as hard as possible! Please! As hard as possible!!", the game features adult situations and scenes. And this title is only getting a homebrew release on the DS, not a proper, Nintendo ok'd store release.


As hard as possible!

NSFW: Fatal Relations port released [Tiny Cartridge]

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Michael Dukakis

The fact that this can't just be released normally is a phallacy...