Tera's Next Exciting Update Reminds Me I Should Probably Log Into Tera or Something

The Argon Queen update for En Masse Entertainment's action-packed massively multiplayer online role-playing game Tera drops next month in North America, bringing with it player-versus-player battlegrounds, a 10-man raid, new skills and a nagging reminder that I should probably log into the game sometime this month.

It's not you, Tera; it's me. I still love you. It's just I have this MMO guy appearance to keep up, and with The Secret World out now and Guild Wars 2 dropping next month, there's just been no time to play; not since E3 back in June, really.


But I'm sure you're doing fine, and boy does that The Argon Queen expansion look shiny. I was watching video of Korean players taking on some of the content in their version of the game, and if I could read their language I'm sure everything they were saying was overwhelmingly positive.

I'll be back soon, Tera. Maybe I'll drop in to say hello to this Argon lady. Maybe she likes hugs.

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