Telltale's Fables Game Looks Like A Living Comic Book

Illustration for article titled Telltales emFables/em Game Looks Like A Living Comic Book

The art for Telltale's upcoming The Wolf Among Us, based on Bill Willingham's Fables comics, looked great from the start. Thankfully, turns out the game looks just as good in action.

IGN's got an exclusive first trailer for The Wolf Among Us, which shows some bits of Bigby Wolf's adventure in action—the confidence of Telltale's art and animation seems to have taken a significant leap from The Walking Dead.


Yes, I will play this.

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I'll buy it if/when:

1. All the episodes have been released.
2. They've gotten rave reviews.
3. It's on a Steam sale.

After the half-baked letdown that was Back to the Future, the unforgivable atrocity that was Jurassic Park, and the buggy mess that was Walking Dead Episode 1, Telltale gets no passes from me.