First Look At Telltale's Fables Game

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Next up from Telltale, developers of The Walking Dead adventure game? A prequel to the Fables comics series.


It's based on the adventures of detective Bigby Wolf, and Game Informer have just uploaded the first screens (and previewed the game). If you liked Walking Dead's cel-shaded look, you'll love this.


The Wolf Among Us: Telltale Is Back Again To Torment With Tough Choices [Game Informer]

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Is it strange that I don't really like Fables?

I put it in the category of the overhyped comics along with Y the Last Man and DMZ.

Also the writer Bill Willingham's politics don't really sit with me well. He's one of those guys who says comic books are too liberal. As opposed to conservative comics?

He also suffers from that sort of rah rah AMERICA mentality that Frank Miller suffers from.

"Marvel's legendary patriot Captain America, in a comic book story published shortly after 9/11 spent a good part of the issue apologizing to the super terrorist he was battling about all of the terrible things America did in its pursuit of the cold war against the Soviets. "(But) we've changed. We've learned," he whines. "My people never knew!" Then again, at least ol' Cap was fighting the bad guy, so maybe there's still hope."…