Tell Us the 10 Comics for Kotaku's Sunday Comics Makeover [UPDATE]

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Last week we opened up nominations for new additions to our Sunday Comics feature. Seven candidates satisfied the standards we put down for inclusion, so I am delighted to present them to you for your consideration in our 10-comic weekly feature.


UPDATE [Dec. 16]: Voting on our new Sunday Comics page has concluded. We'll announce the lineup after we get the necessary permissions from the new features voted in. Thank you for participating.

You get to vote on these, pooled with the nine comics currently running on Sundays, to reconstitute a new Sunday Comics page. The top 10 vote-getters, as chosen by the readership, will form the new Sunday Comics roster, provided that the owners of any new additions give Kotaku permission to republish them. If they don't, we'll move down to the next highest vote-getter.

The candidates, both incumbents and new nominees, are listed below in alphabetical order. They link to the latest edition of their comic. The link opens in a new window. Click on them, surf their comics, see what you like and what you don't.

Then vote in the poll next to the candidates. You may select up to 10 comics. The comics are randomized in the poll so that none get an advantage by being closer to the top. It also requires you to know the name of the comic you enjoy in order to vote for it. The vote tally is not being displayed because I want readers to vote on what they consider to be the 10 best comics, and not vote based on whether a comic is well ahead or behind in the standings. The final vote totals will be announced for all 16 candidates when we announce the new lineup, which will come after any new permissions have been secured.

Important: You will be allowed to cast only one ballot—so if you pick fewer than 10 comics and hit submit, that's it. Consider your choice carefully before you vote. If you really enjoy a comic, nothing stops you from getting the vote out to your friends. Hell, if you want to Tweet about it, here's a hashtag: #kotakucomics. Look at that, I'm a goddamn social media genius.

Voting will close exactly one week from now. We're shooting for a new comics page to debut on Dec. 22. Thank you for your participation, and thank you for reading Kotaku.



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Working on a webcomic as we speak! Should premier early 2013. Maybe one day *looks off in to the distance* it'll be featured on Kotaku's weekly round-up.