Tekken The Movie Definitely Looks Like A Tekken Movie

You've already seen the first trailer for the live action Tekken movie. Now how about some stills to pick over, perfect for studying just how literal the big screen adaptation of Namco Bandai's fighter will be.


The Dwight Little-directed beat 'em up cinematic tour de force looks less adapted than it does copied and pasted onto film, with the on screen Iron Fist tournament featuring plenty of shirtless dudes and girls in skimpy outfits. Outfits that may be a tad ill-fitting in the crotch, but are unlikely to warrant much complaining from the Tekken fan for taking liberties with the original designs.

Punching, kicking, minimal clothing and the occasional tender moment—what else do you really want from a Tekken flick? Plot? Kangaroos?


Tekken Gallery [Warner Bros. - thanks, Xavier!]

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