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Tekken 6 Ships (Not Sells) 2.5 Million Copies

Illustration for article titled Tekken 6 Ships (Not Sells) 2.5 Million Copies

While a bird in the hand is worth more than 2.5 million copies shipped worldwide, Tekken 6 is nothing to sneer at. Wait, that came out wrong...


See, just because Tekken 6 shipped 2.5 million copies doesn't mean its sold 2.5 million copies all over the world. Hence the whole bird-in-the-hand/bush analogy that I messed up. I mean that'd be more impressive, right? If Tekken 6 sold 2.5 million copies worldwide instead of just shipping them?

Nevertheless, Gamez reports that the sixth installment of Namco Bandai's brawler is doing pretty well for itself. So let's all join in a collective "Yatta!" and wait for one of those 2.5 million copies to magically wind up in our living rooms.


「鉄拳6」全世界で250万本出荷 [Gamez]

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Great, thanks, now I have images of crotches flying at my face. #tekken6