Teenager Finally Achieves Her Dream Of Dating Godzilla

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Thirteen-year-old Seira Watanabe is a huge Godzilla fan. She has an impressive collection of figures and does an excellent impression of the kaiju’s roar. Recently, she wrote to Osaka television show Tantei! Knight Scoop, asking to go on a date with Godzilla.


Tantei! Knight Scoop takes requests from viewers (often very silly ones), turning those dreams into reality. “My love is so great that I would like to marry Godzilla,” she wrote.

The latest episode visited the junior high school student at her family home in Hyogo Prefecture, where she showed off her figure collection and talked about her love for Godzilla.

When she saw Godzilla right outside her house, she fell down and had difficulty breathing. She then went on a date with Godzilla, packing a bento she made, and bringing her grandfather as a chaperon.

The couple visited the Godzilla Museum on Awaji Island, holding hands as they checked out the displays, as seen in the top image.


Later during lunchtime, Godzilla couldn’t actually eat the bento, so she pretended to feed him. She also pretend-gave him some tea.

Then, as their date drew to a close, Godzilla waited on the beach at sunset. Seira gave the kaiju a hug, a big smooch, and then proposed. Sadly, Godzilla did not take her hand in marriage, but she ended up having a memorable date.


Ah, young kaiju love.

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