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Teen Crime Spree Inspired By Grand Theft Auto

Illustration for article titled Teen Crime Spree Inspired By Grand Theft Auto

Six teenagers were in court today following an all-night crime spree that began late Wednesday night and lasted into the early morning hours. The six teens allegedly began the evening with a mugging outside of a Nassau County, New York supermarket, eventually parading down a Garden City street carrying baseball bats and a crow bar, robbing one motorist and smashing a passing vehicle with a bat. What would cause such behavior in our impressionable young teens? Grand Theft Auto, of course.

"It was determined that they were emulating the character in that Grand Theft Auto game, going on a crime spree" using weapons and tactics inspired by the controversial video game, said Det. Sgt. Anthony Repalone, a Nassau police spokesman.

"We got certain admissions" from the boys, Repalone said.

Good luck on using the old GTA defense boys. It might just work, unless of course the prosecutors play the "You are all obviously f***ing morons" card.


Cops: Video game inspired crime spree []

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Man, this kind of stuff always happens when I don't happen to be listening to my scanner.

Actually, I *was* listening last night - must have just been too late.

I drive down Stewart Ave. all the time. It's a busy street where cars regularly do 50-60mph (illegally, but they do it). These idiots are lucky to be alive, especially at that time of night when there's less traffic to jam things up. People *really* speed around at that time of night, especially now with all these stupid teenagers out of school for the summer.

At least none of their victims got hurt. Hope they think their little crime spree was worth it - getting charged as adults, they're looking at some serious time for this. "First degree robbery" is a class-B felony with maximum jail time of 25 years for a first offense. More typical sentences are 3-6 years.