Tecmo Super Bowl's World Championships are Tomorrow, and NFL Films Will Be There

The world's largest Tecmo Super Bowl tournament is tomorrow in Madison, Wis., featuring a field of 178 players. TecmoBowl.org also tells Kotaku that NFL Films will be present, apparently for a feature sometime later about video gaming and football. The event will be livestreamed and liveblogged from TecmoBowl.org's official tournament page. The action begins at 11 a.m. EST.


MLB 12 The Show will have an Online Pass, to no one's surprise, but that pass, of course, will be necessary to access the game's new Diamond Dynasty fantasy team game, the same as EA Sports' Ultimate teams require the online pass for their respective games. Like last year, the servers will not be turned on until Tuesday, the day the game releases. That means anyone who picks it up at midnight (or gets a retailer to break street date) won't be able to access Diamond Dynasty until Tuesday morning,. [Pasta Padre]

Madden Cover Contest Update: It's the NFC East teammate pairings today. Dallas will be represented by LB DeMarcus Ware and TE Jason Witten. The Super Bowl Champion New York Giants get DE Jason Pierre-Paul and WR Victor Cruz in the contest. Philadelphia fans will choose between RB LeSean McCoy and QB Michael Vick, who made the final round of last year's vote-off. Washington is represented by linebackers Brian Orakpo and Ryan Kerrigan—both of whom I picked in this column. Stick Jockey is 21-for-32 in its selections; we need more than 44 to win a bet with an unnamed third party.

Joel Simmons, the audio director of 2K Sports, has posted a developer's diary that explains how the commentary is tied to gameplay in MLB 2K12, particularly in the game's new mandate for pitchers to mix their locations and ptch types. The booth team of Gary Thorne, Steve Phillips and John Kruk aren't there just to comment on the action, if you listen closely, they can help you out, by reminding you of what happened the last time you faced a batter or a pitcher.

Soccer fans looking for a player management game on the go might want to consider Big Win Soccer which launched today for iOS devices. It's a free-to-play game, so you know that means microtransactions are involved in the development of your club. But it does match you against other players who have the game. If you're looking for soccer club management without the freemium structure, Luke thought very highly of Pocket League Story


Tecmo Super Bowl: Still the greatest Football..no, SPORTS game ever made.

Since 1991.