Team Fortress Characters Get Jobs At The Supermarket, Things Go Badly

Two years ago, we featured a video called Mac 'n' Cheese, an animated short heavily inspired by two characters from Team Fortress 2. Today, we've got a sequel. And it's terrific.


The "Scout" and "Heavy" (not actually them, but...come on) are down on their luck, so get jobs at a local supermarket. Things do not go well for them, but they go very well for everyone watching.


Mac 'n' Cheese - Supermarket [Vimeo]

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Fernando Jorge

The video is cool and the characters do look like TF2 characters. But that's it. They aren't TF2 characters working in a supermarket, they don't act like Heavy or Scout either.

I clicked the headline from the RSS reader thinking it'd be a video with TF2 characters. And then it wasn't. Oh such tragedy! I know, it's not a big deal. But it's also not a big deal to come up with a headline that isn't misleading.

If the video is interesting and if it can be interesting by itself, don't use TF2 to make people want to see it. Because that's what got me to click it, I thought it'd be yet another SFM video with TF2 characters.