This Team Fortress 2-Inspired Animated Short Absolutely Made My Week

You need to stop what you're doing and watch this now.


Wait 'til you see what happens when the guy designed to look like the Scout from Team Fortress 2 is relentlessly pursued by another guy designed to look like the Heavy and gets cornered and has to resort to drastic measures and then the END FINALLY COMES and you're left there, speechless.


I may or may not have exaggerated a detail or two there. Find out for yourself. And if you're someone that has the capacity to do this, give these guys a job.

Oh, and it's called Mac N' Cheese.

Mac N' Cheese [via Vimeo]


Nerubian Assassin, the Writer

I feel like i've heard that beat/song/musical whatever (when the scout sniffs coke and goes to that trippy running drug phase)

i need to hear more songs like that so i can put them in more druggy sequences like the one in the film