Team Fortress 2's Next Update Unsheathes Its Swords

The "biggest, most ambitious update" for Team Fortress 2 is detailed further today with a not so big, not so ambitious update for the multiplayer game's Sniper and Demoman, both of which will be rattling all-new sabers soon.

Following on yesterday's Heayy and Spy update, the Team Fortress 2 blog did not release "Meet the Medic" today. Instead, new weapons, new booties and what appear to be unconfirmed new hats—we're checking with Valve—are detailed. If you like your Demo to absolutely never fire a grenade, this is an update you'll want to read.


See you tomorrow, when we're just sure Valve is going to upload that "Meet the Medic" video.

Timbuk Tuesday [Team Fortress]

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