Team Fortress 2's Engineer Now Dispensing Frontier Justice

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The Engineer update in Team Fortress 2 continues. As promised, with the first 25 golden wrenches unlocked by players, a new weapon for the support class player has been unveiled by developers Valve.


It's a new shotgun called "Frontier Justice", which trades magazine size and random critical hits for ties to the Engineer's turrets; as you can see, if you mess with an Engineer's robot guns, his new shotgun will mess with you.


That's one upgrade down, two to go, with the next due for release whenever the 50th gold wrench is unlocked. Here's hoping for a turret that shoots bees.

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I used to play TF2 almost everyday before the first class-update and enjoyed very much. But hating "The longer you play, the stronger you get" systems like unlockable weapons and random item drop, I rarely play these days. I often feel TF2 is getting similar to Korean FPSs, such as Warrock and Sudden Attack.

I fear Valve some time add a new feature like this: "Kill enemies, get experience points, and enhance your character's ability!" or "Pay only $5 / a month and you'll get a exclusive (and powerful) weapon!"