Team Fortress 2 Engineer Update Day One: Let Those Golden Wrenches Fly

It's Engineer Update Day One, and twenty-five lucky Team Fortress 2 Engineers have already found themselves on the receiving end of the fabled Golden Wrench, forever enshrined in the Official Wrench Log. Only seventy-five remain. Do you have the golden touch?

Now I have to be honest here: I've not been following the lead-up to the Engineer update for Team Fortress 2. I know there's something about Australians or Australium, which I approve of, and there's some sort of comic going on, plus a shotgun of some sort, but I'm really in the dark when it comes to this Golden Wrench dealie. I mean, I've seen the vid, but I couldn't tell you how to go about picking one up.


I mean, I could tell you, but I'd have to resort to lying, and we like to try and avoid making up news.

It's not that I don't like the Engineer, mind you. It just seems complicated - the sort of complicated I can easily screw up, making me look like even more of an incompetent dork in the process.

So no, I leave the Golden Wrenches to you folks, or at least the twenty-five crafting Engineers who managed to score the twenty-five given out today. If you weren't one of the lucky twenty-five, then perhaps next time you'll remember never to leave your computer when there's a Team Fortress 2 update on the way.


Engineer Update: Day One [Team Fortress 2 - Thanks Joshua!]

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