Finally, The Team Fortress 2 Engineer Update Is... Coming Soon

Here it is, kids. The final major Team Fortress 2 character updates (for now). The last-in-line Engineer is due for his big makeover and Valve has officially upgraded our anticipation to Tier 3 with a new teaser.

In an update to its celebration of 119 Team Fortress 2 updates, Valve has engineered this brief clip that could very well be oozing with hidden details. I suggest watching it frame by frame to see if you can spot clues. For instance, what's that Iron Man-esque helmet thing sitting on his workbench? What's the deal with that robotic arm blueprint in the background? What *is* our friend the Engineer working on?

Surely we'll know soon, but we'll factor in Valve Time, just in case.

Coming Soon [Team Fortress - thanks, Jon!]

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Things to note:

-Hot Rod and Engie's guitar

-Soldier propaganda winning poster in background

-Repair Node in background at 0:07

-Heavy's head in foreground on table, just before Engie appears

-Blueprints for robot arm

-Robot heads under blueprint?

-Welding tool: new secondary/melee?

-Hammer: new melee?

-Pyro's Flamethrower is on the workbench- more changes coming?

-New music- Engineer theme?

Two theories about the robots:

1. Pyro is a robot built by the Engineer.

2. Full release of TFBots with Engineer update.


EDIT: Argh, can't seem to get these links out of the post. They keep coming back after I edit them out.