Bad news, Team Fortress 2 Spy: your Summer is about to get wet and wild, as Valve has revealed the Sniper's final unlockable. And this time it's no joke. "Jarate" is a reality.

First teased on April Fool's Day, the Jarate, unlockable jar of human waste said to capture the liquid essence of the deadly martial arts, was reported to "wreak havoc on your opponent's mental state, psychological well-being and trust in the inherent goodness of his fellow man." Said to inspire self-loathing and nightmarish flashbacks to encounters with the Sniper, its in-game effects are still a mystery have been revealed!

That said, one could speculate that the jar of Sniper piss would go a long way toward nullifying the Spy's new cloaking abilities. And if someone did, they'd be right!


Jarate will also cause opponents soaked in its contents to take 35% more damage. It also extinguishes flames, much to the Pyro's disappointment, I'm sure.

Unfortunately, all but two employees at Valve appear to have been sacked, so we can't yet confirm that this is anything more than a teaser. We'll wait for the automatic publishing of today's update to occur before whining about what a hot mess this addition to the Sniper's arsenal will be.


A fourth unlockable, a plate of steamed asparagus said to make Jarate hits crit, is still unconfirmed.

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