Surprise! Team Fortress 2 Spy Class Is Also Getting An Update

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The Sniper class from Team Fortress 2 isn't the only one getting new tricks. The Spy's getting some too. And he's taking over the latest batch of TF2 update news with two new crafty items.

As stealthily alluded to in yesterday's Sniper update, the Spy is coming out of hiding, stabbing the poor headshotting Aussie in the back and butting into his update. What's the Spy getting? Two snazzy new watches: the "Dead Ringer" and the "Cloak and Dagger."


The upcoming Team Fortress 2 update adds new stealth options for the Spy, which will likely help assuage fears about the new limitation on Sniper backstabbing.

The "Dead Ringer" allows the Spy to create a duplicate image of himself when he's been shot. A duplicate corpse image. It will also render the Spy invisible for up to eight seconds upon bullet impact. So when your opponent thinks he (or she) has turned you into nothing but a memory, then you can stab him (ahem, or her) in the back.

The "Cloak and Dagger," on the other hand—or wrist, I suppose—will render you permanently invisible. Permanently as long as the Cloak and Dagger is charged that is. And it can only be charged by standing still.

Check the official update for additional details. Really, it's another gorgeous update loaded with in-jokes and maybe even a hint or two about the next update.


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Well played.

"We sell products and get in fights." Oh Valve.