Team Fortress 2 Engineer Update Adds 'Hightower,' Police Academy References Ensue

Faithful followers of Team Fortress 2's week-long update focused on the Engineer will have a few new items to mull over today, including the new map "Hightower" and a painful looking new wrench.

Today's lower key dose of the Engineer Update for TF2 is largely focused on a new Payload-style map for Valve's class-based first person shooter. But buried within is a new community made item, an engineer's wrench that packs a nasty punch. See how mystery man Radigan wields it and a massive mug of ale at once in this well-hidden page.


The Engineer class will receive a new shotgun and a fancy remote control gizmo when the game update hits later this week.

For numerous references to Police Academy characters played by Bubba Smith, check the official Team Fortress 2 blog.

Update: Reader Eric points us to another hidden Engineer page with photos that imply the class will be able to pack up and move the turret he builds. Hmm...


Engineer Update: Day Three [Team Fortress]

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