Team Fortress 2 Deployed To Mac, Earbuds For Everyone*!

Mac versus PC. The cross platform war is officially on, Team Fortress 2 style. Slip in your earbuds, Mac owners, because the team-based multiplayer shooter is now available for download. For free.

Valve is kicking off Team Fortress 2's war between the latte sipping Mac snobs who spent way too much on their computers and the filthy Windows gamers who wouldn't know good design if it was buried deep within their system's registry. Or something. And it's doing so by letting everyone play TF2 this weekend for free, a deal that runs until the 13th. (*If you play it on a Mac, you'll score some in-game earbuds for your character of choice, also free. Considering those earbuds run, like, thirty bucks from Apple, it's a good deal.)


You wanna buy it? It's just ten bucks on Steam.

Oh, and, by the way? Nice shotgun, Engineer.

For the Mac noobs who have never played Team Fortress 2, Valve has set up a helpful welcoming page, full of information on the previous 119 updates, explaining just how this whole RED versus BLU battle started and creating another great cinematic, set at "Jobbs Orchards" for all to enjoy.

Team Fortress 2: The Mac Update [Valve]

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