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When things go 2.0, it's a big deal. Remember Web 2.0? Boy did we have some fun with that! Thankfully, the fan-made, Team Fortress 2-inspired 8-bit"demake" Gang Garrison 2 has reached such a milestone.


The game's creators, having officially flipped the 2.0 switch, feel Gang Garrison 2 "is now stable enough to start telling the world about it." So what has changed? Well, according to the staff, the nine fully functional classes — Runner, Rocketman, Firebug, Detonator, Overweight, Constructor, Rifleman, Healer and Infiltrator — have new sprites!


But there's much more than that. Version 2.0 includes new and shiny things like:

- Unique Taunts
- New Music
- New Menus
- New HUD
- New Options
- New Explosions and Effects
- Tons of new maps
- Custom map support and a Level Editing Utility.
- Kill notifications
- In-game communication
- Team Autobalancer
- Spectator Mode

A word of warning though, from the official announcement of 2.0-ness: "While this game has come a long way, it is still a work in progress. Many impressive new features are currently being planned and developed, like new gametypes and alternate weapons."

Go on! Grab that EXE. (And tell me how it is... )

Gang Garrison 2 [Official Site - thanks, Sam!]

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