'Gang Garrison II' — TF2's 8-Bit Bastard Brother

Remember Portal for the C64 emulator? Reader burgerk1ng has a nice find to go with it: "Gang Garrison II" by "Faucet" software - an 8-bit, fully multiplayer "de-make" for PC gamers. I am ... retarded close to going out and getting a copy of Windows and Boot Camp, which would make this the most expensive free game in the history of anything. On the other hand, maybe it's a good thing I don't have a PC, as my expectations could only shattered. Gameplay video and links on the jump.GG2 is in a complete 1.0 stage and clocks in at 4.8 MB. There's a deep forum discussion on its creation over at TIG Forums, and its periodically updated. Of course, I feel obligated to tell you to take all sorts of reasonable precautions with what .exe's you download and install. But if you do play it, let everyone know your impressions in the comments. Mine: the sprites, at least in the close-up stills, look nice and familiar. Gameplay seems to follow the same kind of running/jumping physics, if a little skimpy on the animations.

burgerk1ng says it's a fun game. The file can be found here and here. Boilerplate caution about downloading and installing .exes from strangers. Gang Garrison II [FINISHED] [TIGForums, big thanks reader burgerk1ng]


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