Taylor Swift Gets Sparklies In Band Hero

The only thing missing from this behind the Band Hero scenes with Taylor Swift video is Kanye West. Yeah, bet you didn't see that joke coming a mile away.

In all non-meme-related seriousness, though, the video showcases the motion capture used to get Miley Cyrus's would-be rival rendered into the game. Apparently, the starlet requested sparklies and that's exactly what she got.


I imagine Kanye West would request a bottle of Hennessy if he were in the game. It'd be funny if instead he got a foot to insert in his mouth.

OK, I'm officially done bagging on Kanye now and will forget all about his crazy-bad behavior at the MTV Music Video Awards this year. Just for fun, though, how would you work a "I'ma let you finish" joke into this post?

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