Tatsunoko vs. Capcom vs. Robot Chicken

If this pitch for Tatsunoko vs. Capcom Ultimate All-Stars looks Robot Chicken-inspired, well, it was. The spot will air on at least three networks.

"Our ad agency had the idea to create this stop-motion short (a la Robot Chicken) to celebrate the zanyness of the game. Since it wasn't something that I recall any other video game publisher doing before, we jumped all over the idea," writes Grant over on Capcom-Unity. "We tried to keep it as true to the heroes' characteristics as possible, so you'll see some signature moves in there."

It was harder than it looks, of course; Grant reminds that one second of animation requires 60 minutes of work. So I count at least 20 hours of that in here. The ad will air on USA, SyFy and Cartoon Network's Adult Swim broadcast beginning next Monday, Grant says.

Tatsunoko VS. Capcom: UAS - TV Spot [Capcom-Unity]

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How many people truly believe that this will sell so much better on the 360/PS3? Just think about the title of the freaking game. Most people will look at the title and be thinking, "What the fuck is a "Tutsiniko?" before continuing on to find MW2/Uncharted/GoW/whatever.

Just because we at Kotaku may find this game desirable doesn't mean every single MW2/GoW/LBP/Uncharted/whatever player is bursting their balls over this. Street Fighter has a huge name behind it, as do Tekken, Soul Caliber, KoF, etc. MvC has two huge names behind it. As far as Americans go, we have the instantly recognizable Capcom and... Tatsunoko. I honestly doubt a quarter of Americans reading Kotaku knows what Tatsunoko is without having had someone tell them or read someone explaining some of their works here (most notably Samurai Pizza Cats for most people, probably).

Instantly blaming its status as a Wii exclusive for what may be lackluster sales is just stupid. With a game like this, the problem is not the system its on, it is the recognizability of the characters and names. Americans probably won't be shouting in mass "FUCK YES TEKKAMAN BLADE" when they see this commercial before going, "aww fuck, its on the Wii", they'll be going, "what was that robot thing? Gundam?".

People who say putting a game on the Wii means it must be casual or have no audience... are idiots.

Yes, there is a higher casual:"hardcore" ratio on the Wii than other consoles.

This doesn't mean that the "hardcore" population on the Wii equals 12 people.

I swear that people try more to find reasons not to like any Wii games than actually look at the games for what they are. Yes, there is shovelware. Yes, there are gems. Just. Like. Every. Other. System. It may be more prominent on the Wii, but why does that detract from your own damned personal enjoyment of the system?

There are Imagine: games on the PC! I can no longer enjoy playing games on the PC because the PC is now for casuals!