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Taste the Painbow, Belgian Rofl Honored in Gamertag Awards

Illustration for article titled Taste the Painbow, Belgian Rofl Honored in Gamertag Awards

Two weeks back on 1 vs. 100, The Ones were - consecutively, now - players with the gamertags BLooDYxGenocide and Banana Hammicks. Definitely memorable. In that spirit, The BBPS has created its inaugural gamertag awards.


The awards span seven categories - including "Are You F#%KING High?" and "WTF Is So Cool About Ninjas?" - with winners and honorable mentions of actual gamertags the writer has encountered in the wild. Accolades go to such tags as Dildo Shaggins, PoorLifeChoices, PMS Ninja and Hardcore Pwnography. Criteria: "the player actually spent more then thirty seconds thinking of it." Also, handles like SurpriseButtSecks weren't eligible because they "indicate that the creator is either: A., twelve years old (physically), or B., twelve years old (mentally)."

Take a look; I'd be interested to know if any of our readers, or any of their Xbox Live friends, are on this list. Unfortunately, I'm well out of the running for this. My tag is now, simply, "Owen Good." Which would only be funny if it were used by someone not named Owen Good. Well, maybe not funny, but sorta pathetic.


The First Annual Gamertag Awards [The Bits, Bytes, Pixels and Sprites]

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I wonder if anyone has "FileTheTPSReports"