Talking Over LostWinds WiiWare

WiiWare is here, and being the new, more financially responsible Mike Fahey I decided to limit myself to one of the launch titles. Since the Final Fantasy game had the words "Crystal Chronicles" after it, I opted for the charming little platform adventure LostWinds. Please note that a general lack of sleep is responsible for any random singing that might be heard in this video.


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@Rebochan: lol i know. i think im going to into every post about 360 games and start talking about how ive had 2 xbox 360s, sold the first one to a friend and it died recently because msft made incompetent hardware. then i bought a new 360 when they added hdmi to the pro systems, but the hdmi wasnt present on the console i bought. i took it back and never ended up rebuying one because i hardly played the thing to begin with. the system is plagued with pc shovelware, and games that wish they were movies so badly.

oh wait though, im a "hardcore" gamer, and even with the 360s faults, its a great console that i plan on rebuying. regardless of it having a history of staying in my room for vast amounts of time when i owned it. its silly how us "hardcore" gamers have to form alliances to something we didnt even create and defend it to no end, im not saying ive never been guilty of this. i defend the wii because a lot of the insult towards the system seem really trivial in my opinion. i agree, its full potential is not being fully realized, but i think its a wonderful console for this generation specifically. however, developers are missing the point, and tarnishing the possibilities it has as being the replacement to sega's arcade like consoles, and turning it into a haven for "sorta-games."