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Talk Amongst Yourselves

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

You know that place, Talk Amongst Yourselves? Where you can freely talk about video games and no one pays attention to what I write here? I think it may be because I don't talk about games myself. So I'll start this time! I started replaying Final Fantasy VI yesterday (but on the SNES, so I guess it's FInal Fantasy III =/) but I wasn't sure if I would play it all the way through.

Then I found today's TAYpic, courtesy of TheBlackHole25. I think it's a sign. I will see this through—unlike the last time I played at the ripe old age of twelve and I got lost in the bowels of a machine at some point and gave up. I know you all believe in me.


We could always use some new TAYpics, so if you think you've got what it takes, here's what to do: submit your images to #TAYpics, and please keep submitting until you're out of good ideas, at which time, we recommend you keep submitting anyway. If you still need more instruction, check out this thread for details on how you can be a TAY superstar.