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Welcome back to another week of Talk Amongst Yourselves. We've missed you. Please, share with us your video game exploits and anecdotes, or perhaps what you think this week will bring to your gaming lives. We're all friends here, let's talk!


And once more it's time to thank TAY celebrity Incursor for today's TAYpic.

Today is the first day of a new month, and with new months come new images. So head over to #TAYpics, and nominate an image for August's Talk Amongst Yourselves. As always, we're looking for a horizontally-aligned painting that is in the public domain. Include the name of the art and artist in your posting. We'll announce a winner tomorrow.

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Paradox me

Does gaming make anyone else feel old, even if you're not?

There are just so many things about the direction that the industry is moving in that I cannot get behind whatsoever. DLC, digital distribution, smartphone gaming, cloud computing, shooters, shooters, shooters, multiplayer, streamlining, Japanese industry's so-called decline, social networking integration, etc.

Don't like any of it! However, it seems most people love this stuff. I'm only 21 and yet I feel like an old man talking about the "good old days", shaking his fist at youngsters and telling them to get off my lawn.

Gaming has changed.

Edit- Wow, that sounded way more gloomy than it should have!