Talk Amongst Yourselves

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Let's take a minute and reflect on the pleasure of the company of others. Isn't it nice to have other people to talk about video games with? I humbly suggest you do so.


But first thank kaploy9 for today's TAYpic. As you can see, we've entered into a joint business agreement for licensed breakfast cereal. Look out for the video game adaptation next summer.

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Dear Kotakuites... I'm writing this post because I'm really "in love" with the Assassins Creed series.

It's been a while since I liked a game (or franchise) that much. These games are amazing... the whole atmosphere, everything is incredible. I just finished the second and started playing Brotherhood yesterday... fucking, amazing, game. I love the concepts, the characters, everything is so good. I wish companies could take more risks and make new ip's as good as AC. Walking around Venice was incredible, and remembering actual places I saw there... Piazza San Marco is really well made, it gave me goosebumps when I actually found it on AC: 2.

I guess it helps that I feel really connected with the games since my family came from Italy, part of it from the Veneto region and the other part from Rome. I feel really connected to it knowning that my ancestors were from those places, it's a really strange feeling (albeit good) and the games are really immersive.

How do you guys feel about the series? I can't wait to dive completely in Brotherhood this weekend. Really incredible experience.