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Maybe Socrates is in San Diego. If you're there too... bring us home some swag like a good friend, will ya? The rest of us will keep our spirits up by swapping video game stories.

Thanks very much to Brian H. May for what has clearly become his hobby while on tour.

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Cursed Frogurt

Well, no one responded or promoted my comment/question in the Lisa Foiles article today, so I'm reposting it here.

What did everyone here do for fun before they got into videogames? This will vary greatly depending on what age you started playing games frequently. I first played SMB at the age of 3, but didn't own our own console until I was 7. Before that, I only really cared about sugar and TMNT. If you ever read my journals from elementary school, you can tell exactly when we got a SNES because suddenly 95% of the entries were about Nintendo.