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Happy Thursday! You should celebrate by talking about video games. Because Thursday is the best day to talk about games (it does end in "day", after all). And Talk Amongst Yourselves is the best place to talk about games. Just in case you needed a reason.


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So this isn't gaming related, but the anonymity makes me feel better putting it here..

I had to break up with my girlfriend of 1 1/2 years (we dated longer well before being "official".) We live together, have a dog together and so on.

The worst part: The reason.

She's a country girl, and I'm a city guy. Upon meeting her back home friends, I quickly realize from their actions and a few choice things they had to say... they were very -openly- racist.

And I'm half black.

I look "white" to most people. Fair skin, and my hair is very short, so you can't see my curls. My girl didn't defend, say anything, or even interject. She just smiled and nodded. Dismissing it, and acting as if it weren't said. Meantime, I'm in the countryside at the one girl's house, with Confederate flags and shotguns on the wall, with 5 racist girls, and they're presumably more racist boyfriends.

We had a big fight about it, in which she basically defended them, saying how it's their right, and she has "no place" in telling them how to live. She then went on to say, "well what do you want me to do? Pick you over friends I've had since the 1st grade?"

And that was it. I refuse to feel bad for my choice to leave her, but me, my (black) mother, and my dignity told me to go. I can't be a part of her life when she's accepting of her friends being like that.

I'm so saddened by all of this. Disappointed.

I'm sorry if I'm bringing anyone who read this day down.