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Slagathorian: Save the trees and kill the children.

Hello fellow Kotakuites

In following in the footsteps of greater men, this will be my last post on Kotaku.

I've been thinking about leaving since the re-design, not that the redesign bothers me so much anymore, but the editors and community do. In their desire to keep hits high, commentatorship has slipped, while trolls and idiots and what now are on the rise.

The tipping point for me was that article about how to safely and securely buy hardcore drugs online. What was even worse than that though, was that Gawker was going around and deleteting everybody who had concerns about them posting that article. Censoring people on an anarchist article? I hope the hypocrisy wasn't lost on them. And I lost my star yesterday for pretty much nothing.

I will truly miss a lot of you, and though I live in northern Canada, and never got to meet any of you face to face, I feel like some real friendships were made.

Black Knight Rebel. I cant believe you still don't have a star, you are truly one of the best things about this site EVERY comment of your is insightful, helpful and well put.

DeadnBurried. The same goes for you. I have sent 3 or 4 emails to the editors asking that you be starred. I would like them to transfer mine to you on my way out, but I can see it was taken last night.

Gigawings. Will miss you too buddy, its been a pleasure reading all your comments.

BrandonMKIII. My Dragon Warrior buddy. Keep working your way through the series. The old NES ones were the best.

Sublethalend. Its been a pleasure reading your comments. I also, was petitioning to get you a star.

Shin Lord. Shopper extraordinaire. Thank you so much for your amazing FF6 sprite wallpaper, it gracefully adorns my PC, PS3 and PSP. Also, you always brought some awesome TAY topics.

Curiously Famboyant Sheep. Hope you enjoyed the Ketchup chips I sent. Its a travesty that you yanks don't get to enjoy them.

Goldwings: My Canadian buddy, thanks a million for all the deals tips you game me, you single handedly saved me a ton of money.

Pojodin: Enjoyed reading your comments immensely. Our opinions so often aligned its crazy.

Vincent Grey: Always a pleasure, and love the avatar.

Rachel Fog: Ah, one of the coolest gals here on Taku, loved all of our FF talks.

Diamond Sea: You have some kind of weird sea lion unicorn avatar thing. But its awesome, loved all your comments.

madammina: Good luck now that you're out of school. And if KH3 should have some kind of multiplayer, then me, you and your brother can tear it up.

PandaFresh. I'm working on a River City Ramson wood sprite in your honor, its starting to look quite cool.

bakagaijin. Ah my Japanese buddy, take care, everytime I watch the south park episode "whale whores" I shall think of you.

Nightshift Nurse. We had many good discussions, keep the community sane!

Farewell everybody!