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November brings some new art to TAY. We've got Gustave Caillebotte's "Paris Street; Rainy Day." Thanks for suggestions, readers, but I pulled rank and went with this one, which I recently saw in a museum. Oh, and a warning..

We've had some tech hiccups with the comments. They're still being worked on. You can comment (please do!) and you can rest assured that your comment will be saved. But... as of this minute you may not be able to expand the comments view to show you earlier comments. No one wants that and our tech team is working on a fix.


BUT! There is a warp-pipe like trick you can exploit to get around this right now. If you go to #talkamongstyourselves you can see any comments left here or on earlier TAY posts. And you can expand them as much as you want. Comments added here should show up there (allow for a slight delay), though comments added right to that page won't pop up here.

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