Tales of VS. Versus a Trailer

Tales of VS. (versus — all caps) is Namco Bandai's PSP fighter, populated with characters from its Tales franchise.

You know, kinda like what Square Enix did with Final Fantasy and PSP action game DISSIDA.


Tales of VS. features 35 characters from Tales that range from titles like Tales of the Abyss to Tales of Vesperia. The game will be released in Japan this August.


Watch as this comes to the US but the PS3 version Vesperia and Graces won't. Or some ridiculous bs. Seriously, Namco is retarded with the Tales series. Where's my US version of Rebirth (either PS2 or PSP?)? Or Eternia (yes, I have the EU version)? Or any of the DS Tales games (I really just want Hearts)? Or the remake of Destiny?

Come on.