Take A Look At That New Killzone 2 DLC

That new Killzone 2 DLC we told you about yesterday has now been officially announced, and will go by the name of "Napalm & Cordite".


It'll introduce two new maps, "Suljeva Cliffside" and "Arctower Landing", along with two new weapons (well, new for multiplayer), the flamethrower and boltgun.

The DLC will also be accompanied by a new patch for the game, the features of which we've listed below. The update will be out on July 14, while pricing and release info on the DLC will be released next week.

* Feature - Higher values for Bodycount mode. Players can now create games with 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 50, 100 and 200 points to increase the time of the mode for 32 player games.
* Feature - Moderators can now create double-points events.
* Fix for persistent squads now working correctly when users using separate Japanese accounts join Friends.
* New loading screens.
* Moderation – Additional powers and functionality for online moderators.
* Fix for Clan Leader leaving his clan before an active Tournament of Clan Challenge.
* Fix for score replication on different clients.
* Fix for a Clan Challenge results displaying a won/lost games as a ‘Draw'.
* Fix for incorrect Tournament timings being displayed for (semi)-final.
* Fix for an empty message pop-up being displayed.
* ‘High Precision Mode' now defaulting when requested.
* Fix for stuttering audio on the Asian version.
* Fix for network error displayed when trying to log in with another users account.
* Fix to reduce network traffic and improve performance.
* Fix for occasionally being displayed an empty background when ‘Join Friend' via Communications tab.
* Exploit – Pyrrhus Rise map boundary fix.
* Exploit – Radec Academy collision fix to prevent players being revived inside a pillar and using it to their advantage.
* Cosmetic fix for Medic Gun visual effects.
* Cosmetic fix for Search & Retrieve object being cloaked by the Scout.
* Cosmetic fix for Scouts body remaining cloaked after being mortally wounded (i.e. headshot).
* Gameplay – Damage from Sentry bots tweaked back on request of the community.
* Collection of minor code fixes.

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I can't help but think a lot of recent DLC is a bit backwards. Granted, level packs are DEFINITELY above player skins (LittleBigPlanet, much as I love the art of the skin pack, really needs more official content to use it on. Nothing against the phenominal community stuff, but the MM levels are phenominal, excellent levels the likes of which I haven't seen in a while), and the terrifyingly terrible stuff that The Godfather 2 had (The best (gameplaywise) minion, and the best weapons. Great!). I don't QUITE disagree with "unlock this thing that you can get by playing the damn game" DLC in a way, but certainly, I feel they should just make cheats for that. - It's a bit unfortunate how cheats have faded into nihility to allow those to exist in their place.

Regardless, the bolt gun and flamethrower... I wonder if they're ONLY in these maps, or if you're paying to use them everywhere as a part of the class system. If it's the latter, I'm a little annoyed, and don't feel it's a good direction to take. Granted, not unprecidented, and not nearly as appalling as some examples, but certainly a step backwards. I remember back in the day when multiplayer maps tended to be included with free patches. - Games like Outlaws, for instance, and the Unreal Tournament series has ALWAYS been good for that, even now with the recent level pack and massive update it got, much akin to the ECE pack UT2004 got.

There are good sized and well produced expansions still - The Lost And Damned (which, bravo to Rockstar for making a srtandalone pack of the exclusive DLC for those of us who prefer the PS3), and, Horse Armor aside, most of the stuff Bethesda has put out for their flagship RPGs, have been excellent. I just wonder if we'll be slowly moving towards those examples, or if maps, missions n' other stuff will continue to thrive. At the very least, steady progress is being made - While The Godfather 2's DLC is bullshit, it's not nearly as much as the first game, which included such gems as ingame money.

Only time will tell, it seems.

As a mild aside, if this seems really off topic, it's mostly because my original post got eaten, and I ended up trying to retread, and I had gotten a bit sidetracked on the DLC rant in the original post. And apologies for the stupid length, I didn't intend for it to get this long.