Warframe’s next update, The Jovian Concord, is set to arrive on PC next week. The update brings a new boss fight, game mode, and a visual overhaul of the Gas City on Jupiter. You can see some before and after comparisons in the video above.

Warframe’s first big open world area, the Plains of Eidolon, has been remastered. The graphical overhaul comes to PC today and will hit consoles sometime later on. The update also includes some new terrain for players to grind their scifi skateboards on as well as new badges for animal conservation.

Warframe’s big Fortuna expansion is due out later this week on PC, according to a press release by Digital Extremes. Strangely, the studio didn’t provide a specific date. The expansion adds the game’s largest open world area yet, a new faction, hoverboards, and lots of other stuff.

Warframe is coming to the Switch, but there is no announced release date. The trailer specifically highlights a co-op mode, although there are no details on how that works as of yet. The game is currently available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Check out this cool replica Warframe gun someone made using 3D printing. But not just any Warframe gun: the quickfire Aklex Prime pistol, otherwise known as the White Ranger in firearm form. You can see more pictures of it, as well as how it was modeled, printed, and painted, here.