9:14 AM

Blizzard is putting out some classic games on GOG, starting with the original Diablo today (for $10). GOG says Warcraft and Warcraft II will follow soon. Warcraft III is getting a remaster later this year, so obviously that won’t be on there, but you know what’s an interesting omission? Diablo II. 👀 

3:20 PM

As I rushed to an interview at BlizzCon this morning, I found my path blocked by a procession of murlocs. There were at least 30 of them—likely more. They were walking from the show floor to the convention center’s doors. For what purpose, we will probably never know.

7:45 PM

Blizzard has announced that it’s hosting a Warcraft III invitational tournament at the end of the month. Yes, Warcraft III, the one with strategy and sheep that explode if you click on them enough. Veteran pros like Madfrog and Tak3r will participate in the event, which will be accompanied by balance changes and

2:51 PM

Varian and Ragnaros are coming to Heroes of the Storm, Blizzard announced today. Both World of Warcraft characters are playable at BlizzCon and will join the MOBA by the end of the year, with Varian in November and Ragnaros in December.