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Aug 21 2018

The next project from Until Dawn’s developer is an anthology of smaller horror games with branching stories. The first entry in The Dark Pictures Anthology will be a South Pacific diving trip gone wrong, called Man Of Medan. It’s out in 2019 for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

Oct 27 2015

Until Dawn developer Supermassive Games is bringing an on-rails rollercoaster horror game to PlayStation VR called Until Dawn: Rush of Blood. Sony’s said its VR headset should launch sometime next year.

Aug 28 2015

Sony has apologized for “unintentionally” disabling a feature that would let players of nifty new PS4 horror game Until Dawn archive streams of the game on Twitch. They say they’re “working on a fix” and will provide an update once they get it working. Currently, after you stream the game on Twitch via PS4, your video Read more

May 26 2015

Sony’s long-in-development horror game, Until Dawn, will launch on PlayStation 4 on August 25, the company announced today. The developers revealed actor Peter Stormare (Prison Break, Arrow) is part of the cast and released a new trailer. I hope this game is good!