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Watch Me Try To Keep The Teens Alive In Until Dawn [Done!]

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Can we save the teens from being murdered in the PS4’s big new horror game? Or will we watch everyone die one by one because we made poor choices that snowballed horribly? Let’s find out.

Today I will be playing Until Dawn, which Patrick describes as follows:

Until Dawn is a new horror game developed by Supermassive Games for the PlayStation 4. (It used to be a Move game for PlayStation 3!) It puts the player in control of a group of eight young horror-movie archetypes—in one scene you’ll be controlling the dutiful jock, and in the next scene you’ll take control of the sexpot homecoming queen. Whoever you’re controlling, your job is to keep everyone alive through escalating freakiness and, eventually, mortal danger.


In other words: a game that is perfect for streaming. Join me today at about 6:35EST/3:35 PST, when I will be playing Until Dawn live for the first time, here on Twitch. It’ll be fun. You can help vote on what big decisions I make, or perhaps will get spooked by a jump scare here and there. And, we can chat about anything you’d like. Mostly, I suspect we’ll be laughing at how silly the teens are. Join me!


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