1:55 PM

The next game from Journey developer Thatgamecompany is Sky, an Apple TV, iPhone, and iPad social adventure. Looks pretty! [UPDATE (3:59pm): Thatgamecompany says it’s “first coming” to Apple, meaning other platforms will follow.]

9:20 AM

The hauntingly emotional Journey transitions from PlayStation 3 to PlayStation 4 today. It’s a cross buy title so if you own it on PS3 you own the higher resolution PS4 version as well. Perhaps you can put the money saved towards the $150 PlayStation Gear Journey statue.

10:48 AM

Journey's coming to the PS4 later this year, along with cult PS3 fave The Unfinished Swan, according to a post on the official PlayStation blog. A line in the YouTube video's description mentions cross-buy: "Get more for your money with Cross-Buy - purchase this game for PlayStation 3 or PlayStation 4 and get the