Apr 13

Journey comes to Steam on June 11. Thatgamecompany’s serene exploration game first arrived on PC by way of the Epic Games Store last summer.

Sep 12 2017

The next game from Journey developer Thatgamecompany is Sky, an Apple TV, iPhone, and iPad social adventure. Looks pretty! [UPDATE (3:59pm): Thatgamecompany says it’s “first coming” to Apple, meaning other platforms will follow.]

Nov 1 2016

Four years after the release of Journey, thatgamecompany has begun taking the wraps off their next project. On

Jul 21 2015

The hauntingly emotional Journey transitions from PlayStation 3 to PlayStation 4 today. It’s a cross buy title so if you own it on PS3 you own the higher resolution PS4 version as well. Perhaps you can put the money saved towards the $150 PlayStation Gear Journey statue.

Aug 12 2014

Journey's coming to the PS4 later this year, along with cult PS3 fave The Unfinished Swan, according to a post on the official PlayStation blog. A line in the YouTube video's description mentions cross-buy: "Get more for your money with Cross-Buy - purchase this game for PlayStation 3 or PlayStation 4 and get the