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Four years after the release of Journey, thatgamecompany has begun taking the wraps off their next project. On Twitter, creative director Jenova Chen revealed that thatgamecompany’s next game—which they’re currently calling “thatnextgame”—will be “a game about giving.” It will involve candles, unless it doesn’t.


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oh man. ohmanohmananohaomonahom

I think I’ve invited just about every one of my friends over at this point, luring them to my place with promises of playing Magic, then forced the controller in their hand and made them play Journey. It is by no means the only game that legitimizes video games as art, but it certainly put the last nail in the coffin on the debate.

I remember back when it first came out and Dark Souls hadn’t become a thing yet my friends would freak the fuck out at the list of other players. There’s just so much to love about Journey gah now I want to go get a white scarf


I didn’t mean for this post to be about Journey. I’m excited, is what I’m sayin