A new Game Boy theme has been added to Tetris 99 as part of its latest competitive event. It takes 100 points to earn it, with a different amount collected in each match depending on where you place. In addition to the lime-green aesthetic, the theme also adds the original sounds and music.

In case you ever wanted to see how to pull off back-to-back-to-back T-Spin combos here you go. I’ve been enjoying the hell out of Tetris 99 and while I doubt I’ll ever have the foresight and concentration to do cool stuff like this it’s been great to see everyone else do wild stuff.

The makers of Rez and Lumines are making a Tetris game, Tetris Effect, which will be out for PlayStation 4 this fall. It’ll also be on PSVR, for those of you with stronger stomachs than I.