Mar 31

Neon Abyss is another cool looking roguelike platformer due out on consoles and PC later this year. Are there already plenty of pixel-animated bullet hell side-scrollers out there? Yes. Does it hurt to have a few more? Absolutely not. Now pump the neon directly into my veins. 

Feb 5 2019

Overcooked 2 gets a free Chinese New Year update today that adds new kitchens, chefs, and recipes. Most notably, it also brings a new survival mode where you try to cook for as long as possible as each new dish adds more time to the clock.

Jun 5 2016

P.T. spiritual successor Allison Road has been canceled, according to a post on the game’s official Twitter account. The fan project ended its Kickstarter campaign early last September to partner with Worms developer Team 17. A statement regarding the cancellation is expected in the next few days.

Apr 2 2015

What is it? It’s an upcoming downloadable game in which you “see” the world as a blind girl who is searching for

Jul 13 2009
Worms, Now On Your iPhone

Has there been a single format through human history that hasn't seen a port of Worms? Probably not, as the iPhone's