Feb 24 2016

The Steam Controller has rumble functionality now... kinda. A new beta update adds “experimental rumble emulation,” which reproduces the feel of rumble despite the fact that Steam Controller’s haptic tech is “a very different technology than rumble motors.”

Dec 16 2015

The Steam controller got another big update. Now in open beta, it allows you to register your Steam controller for easy access to your configurations anywhere. It also adds a selection of adorable chime noises for when you power on. Watch PocketEngi’s video of them above. I’m especially partial to “triumph.”

Aug 27 2015

Rocket League is coming to SteamOS, and it’s free if you buy a Steam Machine, Steam Link, or Steam Controller. The car soccer sensation is great fun in split screen, so the pairing makes perfect sense. Also, it’s sold one million copies on Steam alone. I get the impression that maybe people like it a little.