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The Steam controller, for all its flaws, is insanely customizable. One user put that versatility to extremely good use.


Responding to a request, Chris Hepburn—clearly some kind of controller wizard—managed to whip up this shockingly functional one-handed Skyrim control scheme:

In short, Hepburn mapped basic look functionality to the right haptic pad. What about movement, though? Cleverly, he turned that into the domain of motion controls. Simply hold the right grip and tilt the controller, and your character will move accordingly. Item management, meanwhile, is mapped to the joystick, and the right trigger both attacks (press) and defends (hold). The face buttons do their usual things (jumping, abilities, etc), and you can sprint if you hold down the haptic pad. Have I mentioned how clever this is? I think it’s really fucking clever.


Now for the question on everybody’s mind: why do this at all? First of all, no, it’s not about adding a whole new, er, dimension to Skyrim’s vast selection of porn mods. Hepburn’s reason for tackling this challenge is actually damn cool. He explained:

“A user requested a one handed configuration for their dad who can only use his right hand. So here it is. Skyrim with one hand. Actually quite fun I have to say :) now I know this is doable I will make some more the other games he wants to play. If you want the config it’s ID is 553140965 or it’s called ‘Skyrim (Right hand only version) by hepburn3d.’”

“Really hope this means more one handed people and other people with disabilities can play more games they love. I can’t imagine not playing my games so would love more people to get to play theirs and more.”

Kudos to Mr Hepburn. It’s really awesome to see the Steam controller being used to help people. I’m excited for whatever’s next in the rapidly developing world of alternative Steam controller options. I’m also excited for the day somebody creates a peripheral that gently massages my thumb while telling it, shush now, shhhhhh, everything’s gonna be alright.

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