Terra and co. entering the coal mining town of Narshe for the first time. Orioto’s fan-art captures the moment from Final Fantasy VI’s intro perfectly and brings back some good memories.

Final Fantasy VII’s Cosmo Canyon, the home of Red XIII and his tribe, has been redrawn beautifully by Tumblr user hot-fish. Here’s the full pic below, with Bugenhagen’s observatory on top of the staircase labyrinth looking at the moon in the distance.

Artist Lap Pun Cheung created a speed painting series featuring Final Fantasy VII’s most memorable moments. It was a 6-month-long project and he only finished it recently with Cloud & Co. finally facing Sepiroth. You can check all 130 paintings here. It’s quite the ride.

Do you remember all these famous scenes from Final Fantasy VI that Mikaël "Orioto" Aguirre included in his awesome fan-art? The close-ups of Espers, Magitek, Kefka and that bloody Ultros might help.