7:07 AM

That previously announced Space Channel 5 VR game is headed to the PlayStation 4 in Japan. No word yet on a release date. [Correction 10:07 AM— This post originally read ‘PlayStation 5.’ This was, alas, a typo.] 

6:00 AM

Hey there, space cats! Space Channel 5 VR is getting a download release this year in Japan. It will be based on the demo and is headed to the Vive. Pricing is TBA and no word about an international release.

5:00 AM

Tetsuya Mizuguchi of Rez and Lumines fame is working on a new puzzle game. 4Gamer says it's for smartphones, while Insider says the platform hasn't been announced. The title is TBA, but the game will have a "mysterious story" and is slated for this winter. Currently, there are negotiations for a global distributor.