Australians who preorder the enormous Sega Mega Drive Ultimate Collection from select stores will be able to snag a rare treat, in the form of a blue vinyl record containing classic Sega tunes.

The Sega Mega Drive Ultimate Collection (Genesis Ultimate Collection in the states) collects more than 40 classic Sega titles on one disc for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, with tweaked graphics for true HD gameplay. Even if that weren't worth $56.98 to Australian customers, the preorder bonus surely is. Limited to 3,500 pieces, the Limited Edition Vinyl Soundtrack contains six classic tracks from Sega's past, with Vectorman, Space Harrier, Golden Axe, and Ristar, all reproduced on a gorgeous 12 inch album. Seriously drool-worthy.

The album is exclusive to Australia, so if you'd like to get your hands on one you have two choices. Either watch eBay like a hawk come the game's late February release date, or quickly befriend a local. Oh Luke?

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